Tempeh Piccata

Adapted from Julianna Satie, founder of The School of Natural Cookery — The Natural Cook training. Inspired through the creative process offered by The School of Natural Cookery

Main Characters

1. Project Umami Colorado Pinto Bean & Millet Tempeh
2. Olive oil
3. Brown rice flour
4. Salt & pepper
5. Fresh lemon juice and lemon zest
6. Caper brine & capers


…...In a shallow container, layer enough flour to coat the amount of tempeh slices you will be cooking. Season the flour using a generous amount with salt and pepper.
…..Press sliced tempeh into the flour coating on all sides and edges
…..Warm a skillet (cast iron works well) and add a layer of oil. Do not wait for the oil to go all around the pan, instead layer the tempeh slices into the oil right away, using the tempeh to help move oil around the pan. After the first bit of oil has created an “edge”, sealing the first side of tempeh slices, turn them over and let the other side get crisp.  The pan will dry with the oil and flour, so use a medium slow heat and cook each side, twice.  Each piece of tempeh should be able to touch the bottom of the pan.  Do not stack them on top of each other. 
…..Mix lemon juice and caper brine in a container.  This can be equal parts. But the amount will depend on if you want to have a “pan sauce” from the flour on the tempeh.  More of the combination will create a sauce.  This image is just enough of the liquid mixture to be absorbed by the pan of tempeh. 
…..Add the lemon/caper brine mixture to the pan when the tempeh is crisp on both sides.  Turn the tempeh once.  Add capers, lemon zest and minced parsley then serve. 


…..Serve this warm as a side dish with vegetables and grain.