Tempeh Lettuce Tomato (TLT)

Adapted from Julianna Satie, founder of The School of Natural Cookery — The Natural Cook training. Inspired through the creative process offered by The School of Natural Cookery

Main Characters

1. Project Umami Colorado Pinto Bean & Millet Tempeh
2. Olive oil or toasted sesame seed oil
3. Tamari
4. Pickles, onions, tomato, arugula 


.....From the freezer, unwrap the tempeh and steam it for 15 - 20 minutes.  When cool, cut strips. 
.....On a plate, lay some oil into a puddle and let very few liquid smoke drops go into the oil.  I used toasted sesame. And mix it around evenly.
.....Lay each side of each piece of tempeh into the oil mixture before placing them in a pre-heated (medium heat) skillet. (Cast iron is best if you have it).
.....Take time to crisp the edges, even if you turn them over several times.  They should be deep gold when ready for the braising liquid. 
.....Mix equal parts of mirin and great tasting, not low sodium, Tamari in a small bowl.  Turn off the stove beneath the tempeh and have a cover ready.  Lay the liquid across the tempeh and cover it. immediately.  Then gently turn the pieces before you remove them from the skillet. 
.....Fresh seeded whole grain baguette with a thin layer of mayo, pickles, onions, tomato and arugula smother the teriyaki tempeh.


.....Fresh seeded whole grain baguette with a thin layer of pesto.
.....In the summer add tomatoes & greens, in winter use sauerkraut.