Tempeh Hash Brown

Adapted from LuvTempeh by Maddalena Stancampaino




2 large potatoes (can substitute sweet potatoes or mix both)

8 ounces Tempeh

Sat & pepper, to taste

½ onion, sliced thin & sautéed or caramelized

1 clove garlic, minced

6-8 leaves fresh basil, chopped fine

¼ teaspoon Pinch chili flakes

¼ teaspoon rosemary, oregano or both (optional: substitute fresh parsley)



  1. Shred potatoes and place in large mixing bowl.
  2. Dice tempeh (or, if possible, crumble) and place in bowl.
  3. Add fresh herbs and any optional ingredients.
  4. Mold ingredients into small paddies no more than 1 inch thick.
  5. In a cast iron griddle apply high heat oil (e.g. avocado oil or ghee) and add paddies to hot skillet; add salt and pepper generously to the exposed side of the paddy.
  6. Cook until brown on one side, flip and repeat on opposite side.
  7. Option: add marinade at the end for additional flavor and caramelization (e.g. coconut aminos, tamari, balsamic vinegar).