Production Specialist: Tempeh Maker

Project Umami is a start-up, plant-based protein manufacturer currently producing local, fresh, organic, soy-free tempeh products in Boulder, CO.  We believe that the sustainable provision of food can improve the physical and mental health of others. We have brought several soy-free tempeh products to market in July made from organic legumes, grains and seeds.  The applicant will have the opportunity to work along-side the owner and gain valuable entrepreneurial experience in business startup requirements with a specific focus in the food industry. 

Responsibilities – Product Production

  • Assist in production of tempeh products; applicant will gain knowledge of the ancient, cultural & artisanal process of making tempeh from a variety of legumes, grains and seeds excluding soy beans.
  • Assist in packaging tempeh products

Job Requirements

  • A passionate attitude towards the improvement of others’ health through the provision of a service
  • Strong conversational and social skills; able to converse with wide variety of individuals in professional and friendly manner
  • Experience preparing polished reports in any professional capacity preferred

Place of Business Operations

  • The place of business will be Salad Ground Kitchen Commissary located at 2825 Wilderness Place 

Hourly Requirements

  • Hourly commitment will include 2 6-hour shifts on Wednesday and Saturday afternoon / evening. Formal schedule is available upon request.  It is possible that shift times may run later than expected and applicant may be required to stay in the kitchen past midnight.  The likelihood of this happening will decrease with time as staff members in conjuncture with the owner increase efficiency of the production process and schedule earlier start times once responsibilities can be handed over to employees.
  • Wage will be $15.00 an hour
  • Hourly requirements subject to change


Griffin Giordano, Owner

C: (908) 838-5200