Millionaires Salad or Spread

Adapted from Julianna Satie, founder of The School of Natural Cookery — The Natural Cook training. Inspired through the creative process offered by The School of Natural Cookery

Main Characters
1. Project Umami Colorado Pinto Bean & Millet Tempeh
2. Dry roasted cashews, salted
3. Fresh green onion, celery, seasonal fruit, fresh mint, dill or parsley
4. Prepared Mustard
5. Splash of lemon or lime juice
6. Sea salt


…..Right from the freezer steamed it for 20 minutes.  You can place whole spices in the water and near the tempeh to get any kind of back ground flavor.  It will be a modest influence. 
…..Mince for spread or dice for salad all the other fresh ingredients and sprinkle them with sea salt. The fresh herb is important and it should be minced and very abundant.  
…..Blend the mayo, mustard, and fresh lemon or lime juice in the serving bowl. 
…..Place the vegetables into the bowl and sauce and mix well.  
…..If making a dip, crush the cooked tempeh before you mix it into the sauce and continue to mix well.
.....If making a salad, dice the tempeh and toss it into the bowl of vegetables and sauce. 
.....If making a spread, cube and partially crush the tempeh in the mixture of the sauce. 

…..Serve spread cold as a sandwich filling or on crackers.
…..Make a bed of lettuce and spoon the salad or just eat the salad mix as part of a meal.
…..Dip will need a sturdy chip.