Farmer’s Market Manager

Project Umami is a start-up, plant-based protein manufacturer currently producing local, fresh, organic, soy-free tempeh products in Boulder, CO.  We believe that the sustainable provision of food can improve the physical and mental health of others. We have brought several soy-free tempeh products to market in July made from organic legumes, grains and seeds.  The applicant will have the opportunity to work along-side the owner and gain valuable entrepreneurial experience in business startup requirements with a specific focus in the food industry.  Applicant will have the opportunity to learn about the ancient art of tempeh making as well as many traditional and leading tenets of health food, diet and nutrition.

Responsibilities – Farmer’s Market Manager

  • Prepare cooked samples of company products for customers at the BCFM Farmer’s Markets in Longmont, Boulder and Union Station (see schedule below) as well as other select events
  • Complete sales transactions at events
  • Discuss health benefits of tempeh and other facts about the food to customers at sales venues
  • Abide by rules and regulations of BCFM organization

Job Requirements

  • A passionate attitude towards the improvement of others’ health through the provision of a service
  • Strong conversational and social skills; able to converse with wide variety of individuals in professional, friendly, respectful and informative manner
  • Applicant is not required to attend markets at all three location if he/she prefers to stay local.
  • Dedicated position at all three market locations preferred but not required.
  • Commitment to market schedule for the remainder of the year preferred but not required

Place of Business Operations

  • Boulder Farmer’s Market
  • Longmont Farmer’s Market
  • Union Station Farmer’s Market (Denver)

Hourly Requirements

  • Hourly commitment will include the full length of each market including 30 minutes before market start to set up and 30 minutes after market end to break down

Market Schedule 2021:

Note applicant is not required to attend all market locations / times, and it is preferred that applicant commit to the Wednesday market or one of the Saturday locations for the rest of the season. 

7/24/21 – Longmont (Saturday)

7/28/21 – Boulder (Wednesday)

7/31/21 – Boulder (Saturday)

7/4/21 – Boulder (Wednesday)

8/7/21 – Union Station (Saturday)

7/11/21 – Boulder (Wednesday)

8/14/21 – Longmont (Saturday)

8/18/21 – Boulder (Wednesday)

8/21/21 – Boulder (Saturday)

8/25/21 – Boulder (Wednesday)

8/28/21 – Union Station (Saturday)

9/1/21 – Boulder (Wednesday)

9/4/21 – Longmont (Longmont)

9/8/21 – Boulder (Wednesday)

9/11/21 – Boulder (Saturday)

9/15/21 – Boulder (Wednesday)

9/18/21 – Union Station (Saturday)

9/22/21 – Boulder (Wednesday)

9/25/21 – Longmont (Longmont)

9/22/21 – Boulder (Wednesday)

10/2/21 – Union Station (Saturday)

10/6/21 – Boulder (Wednesday)

10/9/21 – Union Station (Saturday)

10/16/21 – Longmont (Saturday)

10/23/21 – Union Station (Saturday)

10/30/21 – Boulder (Saturday)

11/6/21 – Longmont (Saturday)

11/13/21 – Boulder (Saturday)

11/20/21 – Longmont (Saturday)


Griffin Giordano, Owner

C: (908) 838-5200